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EPRI published a manual on chemical cleaning in [1] and has had cleaning guidelines for conventional boilers and other fossil plant components in place since [2]; a revision of the cleaning downlod was published in [3].

Coal Fired Boiler Chemical Cleaning

Citric Acid CA Compounds HCl has been widely used in preoperational and operational cleanings of conventional boilers. Another utility experienced a rash of catastrophic tube failures due to hydrogen embrittlement. In that case, the frequency should be increased.

Install the temporary acid solution tank 6. However, there also are down sides to chemical cleaning. The failures followed an incomplete chemical cleaning with inhibited hydrochloric acid.

In Europe, this is typically accomplished by either landfilling or incineration, depending on local regulations. For example, a few years ago a power boiler was cleaned with ammoniated EDTA ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Water wall tube 4.

Pumps are sometimes used with the fhemical removal solvents; movement may be obtained depending on the piping arrangements by either circulation of the solvent or partial draining of the solvent from the steam generator and subsequent reinjection.

However, there are challenges related to environmental, health and safety concerns, as opposed to technical efficacy. Install drain line from chemical tank to sewer 6.

Chemical Cleaning of Fossil Power Station Steam Generators.pdf

The plant operators were unaware that chemical cleaning solution had found its way into the superheater and was not flushed out. In low-pressure boilers, chemical cleaning typically removes calcium carbonate and other hard adherent scales.

Unskilled labor peoples per shift for transportation and dosing the chemicals to circulation tank 7. Jinan Boiler Type of the boiler: Chemical cleaning technology is often regarded as mature; there is limited emphasis on research and development. Are you sure you want to continue? Consider the criteria commonly used by utilities and other operators of steam generators: Summing It Up The need to chemically clean the boiler should be determined by the deposit loading of tube samples, not the amount of time since the last cleaning.

Second Edition by Elmer M. Historically, its use has been restricted to preoperational cleaning of conventional boilers and operational. It has not been used extensively for preoperational cleaning of HRSGs, though it may be considered where needed for future operational cleanings. Install temporary chemical solution circulation pump 6.

Other factors, including frequency of start-up and shutdown and water chemistry, must be considered. It is best to do so before the unit is restarted.

Dowlnoad of system to be cleaned.

The opposite also might be true, and the chemical cleaning can be put off for years. Complete replacement of the superheater was required. Improving lay-up and start-up practices can mean the difference between needing to clean with chemicals every three years and every 12 years.

Chemical Cleaning of Fossil Power Station Steam testkey | Hydrochloric Acid | Boiler

Neutralization results in conversion of the acid to calcium fluoride. If there is a major contamination of the boiler water, a chemical cleaning must be performed at the next opportunity, preferably before the unit is restarted.

Inspection of cleaned system. Leak detection and response. Sodium bromate is a commonly used and clesning oxidizer for this service. Meeting these challenges will require that new cleaning techniques be technically acceptable and cost effective. The more corrosion products generated in the boiler cjemical feedwater system, the more often the unit will require chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning has been considered a necessary part of boiler maintenance for many years.

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More than one of the preceding operations may be accomplished in one step. One of the most common criteria is the deposit loading on the inside of the water wall tube. Cleanijg for boiler chemical cleaning. Over time, new deposits collect on top of this protective layer.