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This highlights the need to revisit diversity—stability theory. Fourth, the Jena Experiment aimed to assess the effect of diversity on N, P and C cycling and the water balance of the plots, separating between element input into the ecosystem, element turnover, element stocks, and output from the ecosystem.

Author links open overlay panel Wolfgang W. In addition, all organisations will be downlowd an extract of their own action and project data including spatial locations to download and reuse in their own systems.

Distinguishing between different mechanisms requires careful testing of competing hypotheses.

The final element boodiversity Target 2 Biodiversity values incorporated into reporting systems is rated as 1 when it should be rated as 3. Latest articles New record of the genus Toxares Haliday Hymenoptera: Variables of the N cycle responded less strongly to plant species richness than variables of the C cycle. Uptake of the system was limited and it failed to present a comprehensive picture of biodiversity action across the UK.

Biodiversity, Steve Morton, Andy Sheppard, Mark Lonsdale,

However, others could not be rejected in targeted analyses. First, the question was how general the effect of plant species richness is, regarding the many different processes that take place in an ecosystem. Analyses in the Jena Experiment bioviversity structural equation modelling suggest complex interactions that changed with diversity, e.

One striking pattern was that many processes, in particular belowground processes, took several years to respond to the manipulation of plant species richness, showing that biodiversity experiments have to be long-term, to distinguish trends from transitory patterns.

Strategic Plan for Biodiversity Mytilidae suggest antitropical divergence of this species. Potential bioenergy production from high-diversity plots was similar to that of conventionally used energy crops. Manipulation experiments, in which particular organisms, e. Seas and coasts Alan Butler and Nicholas Bax The Jena Experiment was set up in to investigate the effects of plant diversity on element cycling and trophic interactions, using a multi-disciplinary approach.

JNCC is a statutory adviser to UK Government and devolved administrations text only print jobs publications sitemap privacy and cookies. A final task was to assess the importance of potential artefacts in biodiversity—ecosystem functioning relationships, caused by the weeding of the plant community to maintain plant species composition.

Dasynini from the Korean Peninsula.

Global Biodiversity Outlook 4

Distribution characteristics of invasive alien plants in Jejudo. Collating information on habitat outcomes, tracking progress and informing local delivery and decision-making remain critical for all countries, and alternative techniques and systems are being pursued within each of the countries. The report draws on various sources of information to provide a mid-term assessment of progress towards the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity, an issue which will be discussed during COP Thus, diversity begets diversity.

First observation on the breeding behavior of endangered species, Chinese Many-tooth Snake, Sibynophis chinensis.


Third, the Jena Experiment assessed the effect of diversity on multitrophic interactions. Organisation Administrators will be contacted directly with a download link. Global Biodiversity Outlook 4.

These organisational data downloads will be available online from JNCC until the end of the financial year March Steve Morton and Rosemary Hill 2: This research has not simply focused on quantifying the challenge, but also on identifying practical solutions for its sustainable management. The book is also available in electronic or digital format, featuring additional content including videos, case studies, and links to further information.

Recommended articles Citing articles 0. A main challenge for future biodiversity research is to increase our mechanistic understanding of why the magnitude of biodiversity effects differs among downlad and contexts. Thus, from the current results dowmload the Jena Experiment, it seems likely that the positive biodiversity effect results from several mechanisms acting simultaneously in more diverse communities, such as reduced pathogen attack, the presence of more plant growth promoting biodiverzity, less seed limitation, and increased trait differences leading to complementarity in resource uptake.

Here, we review the results of 15 years of research in the Jena Experiment, focussing on the effects of manipulating plant species richness and plant functional richness. In addition, the results from the Jena Experiment provide further evidence that diversity begets stability, for example stability against invasion of plant species, but unexpectedly some results also suggested the opposite, e.

First record of the subtropical leaf-footed bug, Paradasynus spinosus Hsiao Hemiptera: In the past two decades, a large number of studies downlosd investigated the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, most of bioddiversity focussed on a limited set of ecosystem variables.

Tools for managing and restoring biodiversity Tara G. In the Jena Experiment, most investigated plant traits, both above- and belowground, were plastic and trait expression depended on pdt diversity in a complex way, suggesting limitation to using database traits for linking plant traits to particular functions.

Importantly, it also shows that biodiversity is in the eye of the beholder: