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She is locked in a room and at that time I felt like there was no way Mehmal could ever get out of it. Many Urdu dramas are also made on Nimra Ahmed Fred. Twitter Facebook Google Like this: Mehmal met with a girl who inspired by Mushaf. Indeed guidance is for those who seek for it.

Mushaf is the title name of this Urdu novel which is authored by Nimra Ahmed.

Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmad Pdf Free Download – Library Pk

Mushaf is a very heart-touching story which revolves around the love of a girl with Allah. Farishtay a hidden and masked character she met in madrassa is the cousin of Hamayun.

In a short conversation, Mehmal took the book from her.

The story of the book Mushaf Novel Complete is absorbing and provokes a man to act according to the Islamic teachings. Both noel are appreciated and got attention. Download all 25 episodes of Aab-e-Hayat novel in Single Pdf. Quran starts to talk with her as it is called Kalaam Paak andKalaam in Arabic is talk.

Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmed Pdf Free

She ran from the custody of the kidnappers and took shelter in a Madrasa. She has authored a lot of Urdu stories and novels that are published in different Urdu magazines and novels. It is a phenomenal Urdu Social, Romantic story of a girl who became the victim of the cruelty of the people mushat she was an Orphan girl.

The way Nimra Ahmed has achieved it with her creative skills is amazing. We are going to build largest Urdu Novels library, where you can read online and download Urdu Novels, you can also share these Urdu Novels with your friends through social media sharing buttons which are available on each page.

Another important lesson it gave was that we should trust Allah and no one else.

She stood at a bus stop along with Mushaf. Nimra Ahmed is one of the most popular Urdu novelists in Pakistan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

She was really curious about the black skinned girl who was always there at the bus stand, sitting upright, wearing a scarf, with a strange shine in her eyes and had a strange book with black cover. Free download or read online another beautiful Urdu book “Kahaniyon Ki Duniya” and enjoy many beautiful moral stories in Urdu Free download or read online another must read Urdu book “Dastan Eiman Faroshon Ki” and read the stories of those traitor Mus Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Nimra Ahmed, Urdu Novels. Nimra AhmedUrdu Novels.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Life is all about choices. Notify me of new posts by email. Namal downloa a blockbuster Urdu masterpiece of Ms. Nimra Ahmed has a natural talent for writing.

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Humayun downloax later revealed to be a police officer who wanted to gather proof against Fuwaad. The whole novel revolves around the life of the girl, Mehmal Ibraheem, who is displeased and irritated from the world. Yes it is connected with all these aspects with such beauty and intellect that one might have never thought of Quran that way. The introduction of perfect verses related to the the appropriate situation is worth pondering over; for example novwl time of the death of her mother and how for every situation Quran had all the answers.

The Holy book that helps the orphan poor girl to understand the real meaning of life brings the positive change in her life.

Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmed Pdf Free – ReadingPk

Umera Ahmed is a msuhaf Urdu novelist who authored a lot of Urdu novels and different Urdu stories, published in different Urdu magazin The book Mushaf Novel Complete is a social, romantic story. You can free download and read online this Urdu novel from the table below the sample pages.

After this unusual event the life of Mehmal Ibraheem changes, she starts to cover her head, reads Mushaf and tries to understand the meaning of the holy verses of the Holy Quran. Aab-e-Hayat’s last episode is recently completed by Umera Ahmed in an She highlighted the problems and issues of our community very well.