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Mine (Real, #2) by Katy Evans

The girl is annoying as hell. But life isn’t that easy.

So Excited for More. Mine was all about Brooke’s doubts toward Remy’s sincerity for their relationship which kinda confused the hell out of me when it was Brooke herself who left Remy in the first place when he was practically dying on a hospital bed after saving her sister’s sorry little ass from Mr Scorpion.

After reading Real there was zero doubt in my mind how much Remy loved her. This is Adam Wilson, credited by Katy Evans as her editor. Scouting new talent brings me to his doorstep… but his smile sends me to my knees.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. I still think the editor had high-tailed it out of there and lied bourbon-soaked lies that he had read – and approved – of the rest. From scenting and licking to swoon-worthy gestures, romantic music and panty-melting sex scenes. Mine is the challenges, the growth, the devotion and the proof.

LOL, I know it wasn’t meant to be that way but it was mentioned so much that that got stuck in my head. Apr 12, Elizabeth rated rownload liked it. Ms Evans should never have taken it there. The race of their lives.

Katy Evans | New York Times Bestselling Author of REAL » Blog Archive » Mine

I began to cringe each time it was mentioned that Remy licked behind Brookes ear, or every time the couple smelled one another in the crook of their necks. I loved book 1. But it is definitely worth reading and finishing the entire series. He belongs to me. Something he never really felt apart of. I honestly feel the author used soooo many of the same lines to fill pages.

I’ve been there, done that, with a new baby, I think it was just the way it was written that it made me feel like that. I read a lot of Alpha males who love and protect there women but really Remy screams Alpha to the core. Brooke never imagined she would end up with the man who is every woman’s dream, but not all dreams end happily ever after, and just when they need each other the most, she is torn away from his side.

I evana no words in my vocabulary that can come close to this book. The End I loved this book! View all 40 comments.


These two are loyal to Remy like no other, and would do and say anything to prevent his mood episodes from happening. It was too hard being apart from each other.

Baste them in baby batter, or shove it in there. I really do love Remy and Brooke together. She seen these things for herself before pdv even got involved with him.

Spoilers Ahoy Meet the real hero of this book: There is just something about it that pulls me in. Is this heart the one that loves?

Worst reliable witness EVER.