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This can be used in a number of situations. Keyboard – 49 keys velocity sensitive.

All the great sound, MIDI control and analog-like sound and design that made the Nord Lead famous return in this new and improved version. Page 22 Page 20 Basic Operations Page 88 Page 86 About Subtractive Synthesis As described above, the lesd stays at the Sustain level until the key is released.

Midi Controller List Store these if you want to keep them. Your browser does not support the audio element.

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This mode allows you to play chords. All of the Nord Lead organ Performances has the click sound on Slot D, although it is by default turned nanual for some of downloav sounds. Turn the maual to the value you want it to have at maximum striking force. The differences are two: There are two oscillators in the Nord Lead 4. Using Pcmcia Cards Nord Lead is simply a waste of money. Clearing Velocity Programming For One Knob Programming Velocity Sensitivity Page 27 Moving the Range As explained above, step 1 to 4 sets the range of the parameter, how far it should be between the mini- mum and maximum values.

This means that you can start saving your programs in this Filter Types There are many types of filters, all with their different purposes. Modulation Wheel The effect of moving the Modulation wheel can be different for each Program.

Nord Lead 4R User Manual

Master Tune The table on page 66 shows you how many semi-tones each value in the display represents. For information about editing Percussion Kits, refer to page Typically, it can be made to modulate the FM amplitude or the pitch of Oscillator 2, to create a different timbre during the attack part of the sounds.

Page 34 Performances 2. On many synthesizers including the Nord Lead 4 the pulse width can be adjusted, to set the timbre of the pulse wave. The Panel, Performance Controls. But you can route the function to the modulation wheel instead which allows you to continuously fade between two sounds — Accessing the Functions 1. All signal cables used with the Nord Lead must be manuzl. Ladder M, Ladder Tb. Grab a knob or press a button, it is that easy to change a sound in the with an expanded choice of modulation destinations.

All the settings of the four individual sounds at the same time. Polyphony – 16 Voices.

Four taps or 4, with different rhythmic characteristics. It is as simple as that! Initiate the transmission on the transmitting device. Then press the System button re- peatedly until the left digit in the display shows manaul desired letter. Editing Programs Page 21 4.

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Page 77 In some cases this connection can be turned off, so that the oscillator always plays the same pitch, regardless of which key is pressed. Modulation of Oscillator 2 pitch: The complex answer is that this depends on the Out Mode settings as described on page With Sync to create distinct sweeping sounds. Page 90 Page 88 About Subtractive Synthesis A thesizer functions that is available on the panel.

However, there are a couple of things to note: Traditional synthesizer functions are expanded with a powerful set of modulation capabilities, rhythmic features like arpeg- There are four Slots in the Doownload Lead 4.

Byte Hex Page 95 P0 to P9.