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The main [ 4WK ] KHz is still on air. Following this process, we trialled the switch off of a number of medium wave transmitters and asked for audience feedback.

Join Ray Clark this Friday from 2pm www. Thanks to many volunteers, much construction was completed in Attaching an mp3 file is welcome, helpful, and recommended. This afternoon reception may have been in progress as early as roughly LT before discovering the DX after switching on at The broadcast was Irib, not any clandestine.

Siraj Live

And one of those radoi projects was Radio and there did come the name from. Sincethe Gold format has been only on four medium waves: This proved that the Indonesian public broadcaster has the talent and capacity to test the latest digital technologies in their effort to future proof public broadcasting. Now it will be January, but for a big project like this, one month delay is not much and we trust newwspaper Gods timing.

We thank Cobra Mist Ltd for this facility whilst noting that this is a private site which cannot at this time be visited.

No broadcaster has filed a serious application for using kHz, so the carrier will remain silent, i. We know how much our listeners value BBC local radio – and have invested significantly in this area through our commitment to funding Local DAB mathruhumi and adding all English Local Radio services to Freeview.

The signal is the same.

Starting on Saturday 12th we’ve more memories from our presenters at the time, then we’ll link up with our big party in Clacton on Sunday 13th. Where do we go from here?

Great signal and lovely audio here in the West of Ireland. Dave Let’s hope, that other dxers know more. Maybe the old 10 kW transmitter is back on the air. Radio T-pot frequency change on January 01st !

The same company was also to bring AM back to the air. Pleased to report that it was a very successful holiday weekend’s broadcast with reception on medium wave [ kHz ] reported over a wide area, especially after dark.

The successful completion of the project is attributed to the relentless efforts of PBC’s technical team, guidance of Director Engineering and support of Director General. The licensee shall comply with Broadcasting Mandatory Order and shall adhere to the terms specified within the Consent Agreement entered into by the licensee with the Commission on 9 October The calls are CFNV.

Confirmation heard today at on “. I have never heard any station ID on it either. We learned today Wednesday that a few environmental modifications are needed at the transmitter site before we can run up to full power, and these will take until around the end of the month to be completed.

This new frequency newspapr a mess with a lot of other stations; here in southern DNK Egypt is dominating.

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In Extremadura all will be regional. It may even ease am — Cuba. U K Radio Caroline kHz – and this is the transmitter site. Retrieved 12 September You are commenting using your Newspqper account.

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The station first heard by Alessandro Groppazzi announces on the air to have got a license on 14 November and bewspaper the following contacts: U K Today November 11, Can confirm Radio Caroline at last is testing on amthe signal up here in Bridlington between 10am and 3pm is remarkable, pretty loud and clear, Bridlington is on the coast in the East Riding of Yorkshire, mathrubhjmi today I’m told by friends the signal is good in Scarborough, Beverley, Hull and Lincoln.

Radyo Lumad will present alternative stories about this grouping of non-Muslim indigenous peoples who have lived in the southern Philippines for centuries. By far out the strongest signal from northern Africa. Encouragement In accordance with Implementation of an employment equity policy, Public Notice CRTC1 Septemberthe Commission encourages the licensee to consider employment equity issues in its hiring practices and in all other aspects of its management of human resources.

This is a good thing, however it makes it harder to find than when there was a small buzz on channel. Perseus SDR and Perseus software v5. On Google earth two high mast are standing in the middle of a populated city area.