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Here are a few tips Sometimes rather than using your device, you may choose to print out just the chapter you need. Our PDF ebooks present the content exactly as it appears in our print editions. Planeet rice, sashimi, fried things and more followed and I washed it all down with sake.

Japan (Lonely Planet Travel Guide), 12 edition

The hut itself was rather small but looking inside it was densely packed with beds in several stories. This is the story of my hike in the Northern Japanese Alps that took place in the first week of September When you purchase the complete guidebook, you will receive single file versions PDF, ePub and Mobi or plante indicated in the product listing. Please contact the content providers to delete copyright contents if any and email us, we’ll remove relevant links or contents immediately.

After some pondering I decided to continue even though it was late. The day also included the plwnet from chilly to warm and from no insects to protein enrichment in the surrounding air. I entered the hut around hioing in the afternoon after about eight hours of effective hiking.

A trail with a view. Here I also encountered the first road crossing.

Something not as enjoyable was the rain which kept falling throughout the day. Souvenir shop on top of Tate-yama. The search also engaged the staff of the hut, so I felt a bit ashamed when it surfaced from a forgotten pocket of my backpack later in the day.

For a while I considered getting a tattoo with the time and date of the event. Compared to the previous huts this one was newer and had a brighter interior which also reflected positively on my mood. Lobely of the door I walked along a well made path and strived upwards towards the first milestone of the day, the saddle point of Ichi-no-koshi.

After dinner I took a stroll in Kamikochi in my jogging shoes which provided a dream-like comfort compared to my hiking boots. If I managed to get there on time I intended to end the day with a steep climb and make it a couple of hours further to Sugoroku-goya. One of my roommates explained that it was an invitation to join a presentation on star constellations outside. Even though much easier than the climb up Tate-yama, the trail was japam quite rocky and I had to take care with more or less every step.

I had managed to book my stay online using the services linked on their webpage www. This was my transfer day from Kyoto to mountain resort Murodo from where the hike would start the next day. Ellie Downoad – February 27, You can also try saving the PDF to your desktop, and printing from this version, rather than an open downloaded one. I got some help from the lady on the staff who spoke a little English. The Kurobegoro-goya hut crouched next to a mountain side and the refreshment drinks swimming in glacier water next to it were too tempting to resist even at mountain prices.

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I handed in my back pack and got my receipt tag. Similarly, our ePub and Mobi files contain all the information from the print editions – only the formatting that is optimized to give you the best reading experience possible.

The staff spoke no English, but I managed to order the lunch of the day. Trying to walk along the actual ridge to the top I passed through pd gate with some numbers on a sign. Without slippers you are not allowed to enter the building and outdoor shoes have to be left in the hall. This second day started off in a much better way than the first. The dinner at my hotel was elaborate. Where oonely I find them on Lonely Planet? The plan for the day was that I would leave my back pack in the hut at the saddle point and then climb Tateyama.

The first day olnely hiking started with an early rise and Full Japanese Breakfast consisting of rice and miso soup. If you love that we offer this kind of thing and enjoy saving a bit of money and room in your backpackplease support us and don’t abuse the system. The stint for the second day was intended to be a long one. Not as nice view from Goshiki-ga-hara.

Due to these events I found myself sitting opposite to a pretty Japanese girl telling me she had a booking for two at a temple style hotel for the coming night.

Lonely Planet tries to make sure the information in its products is accurate and up to date. I was walking on a rather narrow ridge that probably would have offered great views on a good day, but in the rain, wind and fog I could only see that the trail was rocky and that the slopes were steep on each side of the path.