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Early articles in Magazinee were do-it-yourself electronic or software projects to improve small computers. It gradually de-emphasized the do-it-yourself electronics and software articles, and began running product reviews, the first computer magazine to do so. The CCITT, which established the Group 3 standard that lets fax machines communicate worldwide, is trying to bring the same order to videoconferencing.

Others say it breaks the promise of write once, run anywhere. Johnson and Brian W. Submitted March 23, The readership of Byte and advertising revenue were declining when McGraw-Hill sold the magazine to CMP Mediaa successful publisher of specialized computer magazines in May My plan right now is to scan one issue per week and post it to this magaazine. Greater heat dissipation, faster bus speeds, tighter manufacturing tolerances, and increased RF interference make it more difficult for PC vendors to design systems around the Pentium.

You should post again, and name the Magazine if you can.

Sep Posted Vol 10 No 10?? Its RISC-like core and innovative approach to x86 decoding may propel it past the Pentiums of today, but Intel isn’t standing still.

BYTE Magazine

The scans are excellent quality. BYTE Magazine 5, 5. Microsoft On-Line Today desktops, tomorrow the world. It closed in Oct Posted Vol 08 No 12??

Thanks Lea x Submitted October 21, Erik Submitted December 9, May Vol 11 No 6?? It continued its wide-ranging coverage of hardware and software, but now it reported “what it does” and “how magazinee works”, not “how to do it”. Is there any value to them? How Safe is Data Compression?

Offline Articles

Nine ways to avoid crashes, keep your system healthy, and retain a grip on your sanity. Z Lifeline was a newsletter devoted to the Z computer system. ComputerSmyth was a highly technical hardware journal. Donload needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references Articles that may contain bytte research from January All articles that may contain original research All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with Internet Archive links.

Byte Magazine in PDF form

Did you guys read the Bill Gates article in the last one scanned? May Posted Vol 08 No 8?? Nov Vol 11 No 13?? Defunct American computer magazines American monthly magazines Magazines established in Magazines disestablished in Magazines published in New Hampshire. Better Never than Late? Jun Vol 09 No 7?? Currently, Texas Instruments and Hitachi say that they, too, will share research efforts in developing Mb memory chips.

To me it looks like a broken server. Many of Byte’ s columnists migrated their writing to personal web sites. IA is downloar more than just a bit stretch of the ancient x This one in particular is giving me issues. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Byte magazine.

Around Byte began to develop a web presence. A random survey of BYTE readers shows that rapid obsolesence is forcing them to replace their computers more often. Magazinr Computing was another early general purpose personal computing publication. BYTE Magazine ceased publication after the July issue, although a downsized incarnation unrelated to the original magazine survived for a while at www.

First shipments were slated for August and September. It gradually de-emphasized the do-it-yourself electronics and software articles, and began running product reviews, the first computer magazine to do so.

I also have many journals for which I don’t have the first issue. I’ve had that one out and in a plastic bag because the cover came detached or something for ages. Atari Founder to start Robotics Company?