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You’ll need all four to extract anything usable, and probably want BetterZip or 7Zip to uncork ’em properly… https: Looking for the following Underground stuff: Would like to check out some adventures I missed.

I’d love to have the Castle Zagyg Upper Works box set scanned “professionally” but alas I have no idea where this is being sold or even state. Wish downlad was Palladium based but it is still good resource: Used to be free downloads from EN World website in early ‘s but now has disappeared from the web?

Looking for all of the Strange Aeons adventure path if you have it. Anyone know where to find those?

STAR TREK – Modiphius

Those change on a regular basis. Same deal as above but these are not as expensive to cover the cost. Looking for Nord Games Ultimate Bestiary, anyone have a link? Will this be a Kickstarter?

Too many scans on my collection…. A little bit of googel-fu found it. I thought it’d be in the OSR trove, but no luck there. Will it be combat focused or more like the shows?

Just gotta find the rest. Dowmload boxed set, a hardback and some soft backs…. I didn’t realize that. Check the Humble Library. Show oekaki applet replaces files and can be used instead.

A boxed set, a hardback and some soft. Anyone have a copy of the non-palladium Manhunter by Myrmidon Press?

Could anyone share The Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition core rule book thanks. Anyone have Oaths of Riddermarki tried searching, but no go? Tiny Frontiers – Rules Expansion. Additional sign-ups will launch online from early September at www.

Requesting a download link for nuScion, the more recent dodnload better. The trove is very nice as is but is not quite complete. Thank you RPG Collector! Got it, thank you. Looking for Itras By: Do mindjzmmer have copies of the new Necromunda stuff? My usual source doesn’t have it and I’m not buying a second copy of the box set just for a second copy of the book. And it’s this sluicing turd. Just tried it and the link is working just fine.

Orange, the effort is greatly appreciated, but all issues of The Rifter up to 72 are already in the trove.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

Have a mindjammerr https: Do not bump you can also write sage in the email field. I’m particularly interested in the adventures. Just got these from the man himself today. Does anyone have this superhero RPG? So if you didn’t have the issue, it must not exist.

There are a few older troves that I think still exist with a lot of gm help type documents, but I haven’t seen any dedicated troves recently…unless you count mine which has stuff useful for solos…random tables and the like…for giving solo players more flavor and random goodness. Seconding the request for SR5 Seattle gambit.

AHA I found it. Thanks and happy new year! Aaron’s work on these elevated them into the “need to have” category. Believe you can go the land of mega enzee and find it here: Is there a trove for ‘s d20 stuff?

My copy of that mag got fragged up, so that will replace it. I can find 1, 4 and 5th, but not 3rd. Looking for Microscope, Follow and Jindjammer. If it is not their site, which I really do think it is, then why would a mod be booting people, new and old? Nightmare in Blackmarsh set.