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Arc and gas welding are covered by the following processes in accordance with ISO Specification and qualification ;df welding procedures that were made in accordance with previous editions of this document may be used for any application for which the current edition is specified. Every care has been taken to ensure that the file is suitable for use by ISO m ember downloar.

The primary purpose of welding procedure qualification is to demonstrate that the joining process proposed for construction is capable of producing joints having the required mechanical properties for the intended application. NOTE A former process number does not require a new qualification test according to this document. Beginning to Advanced Techniques by Jerry Uttrachi.

The principles of this document may be applied to other fusion welding processes. ios

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In this case, the ranges of qualification of previous editions remain applicable. Sign up to vote on this title. Are you sure you want to continue? In downloading this file, parties accept therein the responsibility of not infringing Adobe’s licensing policy. Monday to Friday – Are you sure you want to delete this list? Welding procedure qualification record form Unless otherwise specified, no part of this publication may be reproduced or downkoad in any form or by any m eans, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from either ISO at the address below or ISO’s member body in the country of the requester.

Where additional tests have to be carried out to make the qualification technically equivalent, it is only necessary to perform the additional test on a test piece. Procedure tests carried out to level 2 automatically qualify for level 1 requirements, but not vice-versa. CH Geneva 20 Tel. Details of the software products used to create this PDF file can be found in the General Info relative to the file; the PDF-creation parameters were optimized for printing. ISO copyright office Case postale Also remove everything in this list from your library.

In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may be printed or viewed but shall not be edited unless the typefaces which are embedded are licensed to and installed on the computer performing the editing. Transient Electromagnetic-Thermal Nondestructive Testing: This document applies to the arc and gas welding of steels in all product forms and the arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys in all sownload forms.

Two levels of welding procedure tests are given in order to permit application to a wide range of dowjload fabrication. Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval. In the unlikely event that a problem relating to it is found, please inform the Central Secretariat at the address given below.

Fusion welding of non-alloyed and low- alloyed cast irons. When no level is specified in a contract or application standard, all the requirements of level 2 apply.

They are designated by levels 1 and 2. Arc and gas welding of steels and arc welding of donwload and nickel alloys. This action might not be possible to undo. Check out our FAQs.

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It is also possible to create a new WPQR welding procedure qualification record range of qualification according to this edition based on the existing qualified WPQR, provided the technical intent of the testing requirements of this document has been satisfied. In level 2, the extent of testing is greater and the ranges of qualification are more restrictive than in uso 1.

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Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials — Welding procedure test —. Life cycle A standard is reviewed every 5 years 00 Preliminary.