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She pays for everything! Looking for Love is an organization for youngpeople. Mark makes me laugh. Some students may remember the contexts of the listenings, but they are very unlikely to remember thedetail, and the listening exercises are KET-type tasks whichare different from the tasks that students have already done. I stoppedsmoking last year and now I go running twice a weekand I sometimes go to pre-nitermediate gym at weekends. Have you read it?

Mike Two children — in a park Freddie That was very lucky!

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She works for a newspaper. Looking for loveLooking for Love is an agency that finds partners for single people of any age. Answer keyThe Answer key for the tests starts on page Theymay not be adapted, printed, or sold without the permissionof Oxford University Press.

He pays for everything! A restaurant is a place where you can eat.

The student usesappropriate strategies to complete the task successfully. The two testscover exactly the same material, but the questions havebeen changed and reorganized to make it almost impossiblefor students to copy answers.

The A and B testsThere are two versions A and B of each File test and theEnd-of-course test, except the Speaking tests, which aredesigned for students to do in pairs. I eat lotsof fruit and vegetables and I try not to have red meator too much coffee.

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Are the sentences true T orfalse F? Turn off your mobile phone. To prevent studentsfrom copying each other, make sure that a student with anA test is sitting next to a student with a B test. She loves meeting new people. I also like cooking and I make great pasta!

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I love walking walk in the rain Example: I like thrillers much more than I like romanticcomedies! At work, I drink water or tea. My ideal night in is a good meal, a glass of wine, and aDVD.

Freddie That was lucky! Buy downloaf a present! Mike Well — the passports were there! New english file pre intermediate test booklet 80 35 0.

A pilot is a person who flies a plane. Amanda Where did you go you go last year? The Listening numbers are indicated in the Answer key.

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Was Gina wearing wear her new jeans when you saw her? Minor errors do not obscure the meaning. We usually go out to parties, nightclubs, andrestaurants.

I even went to school with some of them! Italian you do like foodDo you like Italian food? He pre-intermedate meeting new people. Minor occasional errors do notimpede communication. These characteristics aremore important to me than physical appearance.

However, I also like men with a good sense of humour. Write soonJennie82 Complete the nww with who, which, andwhere. Ifthey are stronger, look out for the Extra challenge ideas.

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