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AnnaTaliesin – favorite favorite favorite favorite – October 22, Subject: Every “word”, indicated by spaces, is a musical chord.

Even though this was wrote years prior. For more, go to http: Truth is a pathless land The Lost Language of the Ancient Mysteries. Or perhaps it’s an allegory of some kind with no known provenience, but that’s doubtful – somewhere there should be parallel myth, tale or parable – yet unfortunately, there just isn’t.

It’s highly likely that it’s a journal by a social sciences, the botany section describing plants and how they affect human behavior, the astronomy detailing how people are affected by the movements of the stars Zodiacs and such the third section detailing regular human activities and rituals, and the recipe book an idea for mixing the plants mentioned in the botany section.

Navyarao – – August 9, Subject: I have deciphered the alphabet to what I think it is As I originally belong to Punjab region and I am aware of the cursive writings from the region as well as phonetics. Landa Which later became Sindhi, Khudabadi, Khojki 2.

Manoscritto voynich pdf

Seen this on a lot of shows, it is rather interesting. It would take a person months of training to get the lettering so consistent for the whole manuscript. One possible interpretation The book, as many sayit looks like a book of botany. The Black hole star in the sky. Language This in my opinion is not a language whatsoever its a code, although some of the symbols are familiar such as the Greek letter R,T,TH, and many more in lower case.

It is thought to have been written between and So for that matter it becomes next to impossible to decipher it and all the false theories it has generated, including its origins. Ayie – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – September 28, Subject: Voynich Really Interesting read.

Gurmukhi usage is very minimal, which tells that the book was written prior to the era in which the Gurmukhi was main stream in Punjab region around AD. I’ve seen some work in Italian anagrams but am not entirely convinced. Sezione I fogli Download manoscritto di voynich pdf Recent Posts Bixolon srppluscopg driver.

There was no consistency of a set language in the region. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Here is a very interesting site written by a professional cryptanalysis. The Voynich Manuscript While reviewing the manuscript, it gives me the feeling that the writer is attempting to convey about the type of plants which were available in the vicinity.

Bis dat, qui cito dat WaldorfTBeagle – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – June 22, Subject: The women in the pictures represent the Borgship Mother earth. Vi si riconoscono anche alcuni segni zodiacali, e forse alcune costellazioni.

The book is not written for others to read and is usually passed within the family from Father to Son or someone more capable whom the Mahajan has taught and guided himself.

Download PDF: Voynich Manuscript & Codex Serahinianus

Description of plants with texts and images. That’s the very definition of “art”. Studies were conducted in Sindh as latest as in to get the local knowhow about the herbs, roots etc.

Some pictures show the DNA chain. Gurmukhi which is also a descendant of Landa script Words which cuts at the end and sounds individual standing separately.

But master cryptographers with computers today will have no problem breaking the code. This isn’t a solution by any stretch of the imagination but something to consider.

The Voynich Manuscript : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

This book most likely was hidden by the author and usually people like him belonged to higher castes who had good people connections as they were respected for their knowledge and guidance.

There is written the at Czech language.

Its artist s painted plants the way an herbalist would–somebody gathering them for a use. It may even have pdc written by him as the time period around A D corresponds. Somebody hears about this and sees a possibility to make money. Have you found algorithm!!! Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!

It is also used gematria. There are many ways to encode a message that are one-way encryption or totally unbreakable without the key, even with today’s computer cryptoanalysis programs. Each symbol has two characters.

In closing,how long did it take people to decipher hyrogliphics?